COVID-19 Safety Protocol

As this will be our first in-person meeting since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we will be doing our best to implement necessary protocols to promote the safety and well being of our participants.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these protocols in order to keep you and your fellow colleagues safe and healthy as possible. That being said we are requiring that everyone follow the guidelines put in place:

  • At Registration Check-In, all conference attendees must provide PROOF of being fully vaccinated. Your official vaccination card or a copy of the card will suffice. Being "fully vaccinated" is described as receiving the 1 or 2-dose primary series of COVID-19 vaccine as approved by the FDA and Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). You may find a listing of approved vaccines here.
  • We strongly encourage all attendees to get the new bivalent booster (Pfizer or Moderna) if at all possible and no later than October 16, 2022, which is 2 weeks prior to the start of our conference. 
  • We will also require that all conference attendees provide PROOF of a negative COVID test result (by lab or home test) within 24 hours prior to your first entry to the conference. A photo copy of your result will suffice.
  • N95, KN95 OR KF94 masks only will be mandatory while in the conference session rooms and common areas, unless eating, drinking, or during your presentation. Cloth masks will not be permitted unless used over a higher quality mask such as described above. We encourage you to bring extra masks for usage throughout the week.
  • Upon first entry to the conference, all attendees must attest to the following:
    • I am fully vaccinated with COVID-19 approved vaccinations.
    • I have taken a COVID test within 24 hours of the conference and will not attend if I test positive.
    • I will monitor my symptoms each day and will not attend the conference if I show symptoms and test positively.
    • I will abide by health and safety guidelines posted for all attendees.
  • We strongly encourage all attendees to do a rapid test before entering the conference on each successive day. Home tests have proven to be 80-90% effective at detecting infection. The combination of regular testing, masking, and distancing is the best way to ensure your safety and the safety of you and your colleagues. Please pack multiple rapid tests in your bags. We are providing a limited number of rapid tests in the event that you or someone you know shows symptoms or is exposed during the conference, was exposed, or wants to be careful. Given the robust numbers of conference attendees, please stock up on home tests now and consider donating factory-sealed home tests to help us maintain an on-site supply.
  •  We will maintain confidentiality and will implement contact-tracing.
  • While not required to register, dependents of conference participants must follow these guidelines (based on age appropriateness) during all conference functions. 
  • We will have sanitation stations throughout the meeting area. Please use them! Please wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing at all times. We will also have a contactless temperature monitor station. Please check your temperature daily before entering the meeting area.
  • Please remain in your hotel room if you feel sick or are showing any symptoms, and make note of local care options in the event of a positive COVID case.
  • Weather permitting, we will use appropriate ventilation in the conference room and hold food and beverage events outdoors. We strongly encourage you to bring warm clothing such as a jacket or sweater.