The 17th Annual International Astrophysics Conference will be held once again at the La Posada de Santa Fe hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA from March 5 - 9, 2018. (Welcome Reception and Evening Registration begins Sunday, March 4).

The theme of the meeting is “Dissipative and Heating Processes in Collisionless Plasma: the Solar Corona, the Solar Wind, and the Interstellar Medium.” The transfer of energy from large-scales to small-scales, whether in the solar corona, the solar wind, or the interstellar medium, is of critical importance in our understanding of the energetics and dynamics of collisionless plasma. The transfer of energy can take the form of turbulence in which the energy input at the largest scales is eventually transferred to very small or dissipative scales by some form of cascade mechanism, or from the generation of large compressible structures such as shock waves that dissipate energy on small scales associated with steepened structures, or from the energization of particles via a coupling of large- and small-scale processes, of which diffusive shock acceleration represents the best established example. The 17th AIAC will explore these topics via a combination of invited 25 minute talks and a few 40 minute plenary talks. Of particular relevance to the meeting will be the soon-to-launched Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter missions.The 17th AIAC will also celebrate Prof. Len Fisk's 75th birthday and over 50 years in space physics. Len has been one of our most important leaders intellectually, academically, administratively, and politically, and this represents an opportunity to celebrate Len's accomplishments with some selected plenary presentations.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending this meeting.




La Posada