The 14th Annual International Astrophysics Conference will be held at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel, TampaFloridaUSA, beginning Monday, April 20 to Friday, April 24, 2015. (Welcome Reception and Evening Registration begins Sunday, April 19). 

The meeting is entitled, “Linear and Nonlinear Particle Energization throughout the Heliosphere and Beyond” and will follow the same format as before with 25-minute presentations punctuated by selected 40-minute invited talks that will explore various themes in greater detail. 

Energetic particles are ubiquitous to plasma environments, whether collisionless such as the supersonic solar wind, the magnetospheres of planets, the exospheres of non-magnetized planets and comets, the heliospheric – local interstellar boundary regions, interstellar space and supernova remnant shocks, stellar wind boundaries. Energetic particles are found too in more collisional regions such as in the solar corona, dense regions of the interstellar medium, accretion flows around stellar objects, to name a few. Particle acceleration occurs wherever plasma boundaries, magnetic and electric fields, and turbulence are present. This meeting will address the linear and nonlinear physical processes underlying the variety of particle acceleration mechanisms, the role of particle acceleration in shaping different environments, and acceleration processes common to different regions. Both theory and observations will be addressed with a view to encouraging cross-disciplinary fertilization of ideas, concepts, and techniques. The meeting will address all aspects of particle acceleration in regions ranging from the Sun to the interplanetary medium to magnetospheres, exospheres, and comets, the boundaries of the heliosphere, and beyond to supernova remnant shocks, galactic jets, stellar winds, accretion flows, and more.

Please contact us if you should require more information regarding this meeting.